Corinthian Spirit

Corinthian Spirit follows Andy’s voyage of self-discovery in Chichester, the city that he has relocated to – at the invitation of his ex-girlfriend.

Is he still treading the same path … despite wanting to make a fresh start?

Corinthian Spirit

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After a cry for help from Liz, his ex, Andy dashes to her aid and realises that his feelings for her have change very little.

Liz, on the other hand, has a new man and is settling back into her old lifestyle after, what was to her way of thinking, a holiday romance.

From Andy’s point of view Matt, the new boyfriend, may not be a good match for his lost love but he is determined to be a good friend to the pair of them.

There are other distractions for Andy.

He loves his new role working in the Theatre and soon strikes up a friendship with Abi through the Youth Theatre. She lives a life that is totally opposite to that of Liz and his social life becomes one of perplexing contrasts. When Andy is introduced to Mel, an attractive and available friend of Abi’s, he thinks his luck is definitely in.

But old habits die hard. Liz is still vulnerable and plays on Andy’s affections to get her own back on Matt. Andy’s feelings of guilt threaten to ruin any chance he thought he may have had of moving on.

Is it too late to be reconciled with Mel?

Will Liz continue to beguile him and lead him, who knows where?

Read my first novel to discover the answers … now available in paperback or on Kindle.

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