The importance of being earnest

Since my last blog, I have been endeavouring to find the space in which to begin writing. I have been through the process of reviewing the early chapters and reminding myself of the intended plot developments. I am excited about developing the characters and how they will lead me on through the story and I won’t even be surprised if the eventual outcome is different from the one which I currently have in mind.

I feel motivated to begin by the need to usefully occupy my time, following my wife’s death last winter. As a man who is “between jobs” with no sense of the routine or purpose imposed by regular employment, I will certainly benefit from the discipline of the creative process. Furthermore, from some interesting reading on dealing with bereavement, I am sure that the act of being creative will enable me to re-establish my sense of self. If all this were not enough, I do simply want to do it for Ann.

So, WHY is it proving so difficult to get started?

There is a tangible difference between the thinking and the doing, that is clear. It is easy to mull over ideas and look for solutions without the struggle to craft a sentence or preserve the continuity of the plot. I can rationalise this period by comparing it to something like a sportsman who must spend hours or even days preparing for a match. The tactics must be understood, the opposition studied and the body brought to peak fitness. Somehow, through these tasks, the mind is focused and eventually the time to walk out on to the playing field arrives.

An earnest and committed effort must be launched. Otherwise, failure may ensue. There will doubtless be setbacks but, God willing, victory will be achieved.

This is the time, this is the place.

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Corinthian Spirit revisited

I have been reflecting on the success of The Eye of the Beholder and have been pleased with the steady reduction in the stock in my study.

With all the local options covered and most, if not all, of my friends and family having been offered the chance to acquire a copy it seems the right time to revisit my earlier work, Corinthian Spirit. I completed the first two chapters and drafted a third some time ago but was unable to convince any publishers of it’s value.

I think that, in the meantime, I have become a better writer and hope that in revisiting these chapters I will be inspired to take up the story once more.

The tale is one of a young man who finds himself starting a new life in Chichester. He has been drawn there by a previous acquaintance and is soon embroiled in a past that he wonders whether it may have been better to have let go of. However, an alternative path opens up for him and he must decide which way to turn.

Look out for future progress updates …

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