Publisher required

As the New Year approaches, I feel like putting a notice in the small-ads saying, Publisher required.

That’s because, I have met my target of completed the first draft of Corinthian Spirit and my thoughts are turning to the next stage of getting it out there. As I wrote my last post, I certainly had no idea of what 2015 had in stall for me. I’m glad to say that my commitment to writing on a regular basis proved to be invaluable and a consistent level of progress was a great encouragement as the months went by.

I feel that I have earned my short break to the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate the New Year and the long flight will provide the perfect opportunity to read through the whole book on my e-reader. Yes, it is already formatted but there is much to do before releasing it; a major edit, for starters. And that’s where the advert comes in: I’d really appreciate it if a publisher were interested in guiding me through to a successful launch.

However, right now I’m just feeling so very pleased that I’ve got this far.

Looking forward to 2016 immensely … and I hope you are too.



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