Testament of Salome

Recently, I was watching The Review Show on BBC Four as the discussion was about the six short listed books for the Man Booker Prize 2013. It is always interesting to hear the opinions of the assembled experts and get an idea of who the authors are and what lay behind the stories that unfold.

My attention was well and truly grabbed when the focus turned to The Testament of Mary by Colm Toibin.

There was the obvious fascination from a Christian perspective regarding the treatment of the story and, having not yet read the book, I will defer any judgment in that respect in this brief tome.

My lasting memory of the stated opinions from the panel was that the idea behind the novel/novella was an original and interesting one; it being (from my understanding of what was said) a fictional account of Mary’s experiences as a mother during the period of Christ’s crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.

I was greatly encouraged by the opinion given, having already penned and published a short story based on a very similar idea.  The final (Ω) story in The Eye of the Beholder is based on the painting Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvidor Dali.

You can read The Testament of Salome by clicking on this link and downloading the free PDF file.

I hope you find it of interest but please do leave a comment either way; your opinion would be much appreciated.



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